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Viking Rune Lunar Month Necklace

Viking Rune Lunar Month Necklace

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The Viking Lunar Month Collection features 12 separate vertical bar pendants that represent the 12 months of the Viking calendar, written in runes. Their calendar was ruled by the moon and is a little different from the calendar we use today. Each month had significance to the Vikings, even though some meanings have been lost over time. I've included a chart in the product photos to see which month has significance for you, whether it be your birth month or anniversary month!

The Viking calendar was far from exact and changed from year to year based on the lunar calendar. Thus, I have used approximations to arrive at the dates listed, based on the theory that the Viking New Year would have been April 14th, the first day of their summer season.

I have hand-casted, sanded, and patina-finished these pewter pendants. They come strung on adjustable black hemp cords that are vegetable starch polished and conditioned. To adjust the length, just slide the knots into the desired positions. A perfect and unique gift for modern Vikings, Norse mythology enthusiasts, and those with sensitive skin.

This piece is handcrafted rather than machined, so the one you receive may be slightly different than the photo, although I do my best to make them identical.


.: Handmade in the USA: I melt, cast, and patina-finish each pewter piece by hand. I also condition the hemp cording myself.
.: Lead & Nickel Free: Nickel is the cause of most skin sensitivities and allergies, so I use hemp cord and high-quality pewter to keep your skin happy.
.: Unisex Adjustable Length: Loved by both men and women, the adjustable length allows you to find the perfect fit, no matter your stature or build.
.: Eco-Friendly Vegan Hemp Cord: Every component of our hemp cord is vegan, organically grown, and sustainably made.
.: Gift-Wrapped in Zero-Waste Packaging: I treat each necklace like it's a gift; each one comes fully gift wrapped and is shipped in zero-waste packaging.
.: Plants 1 Tree: For every product you purchase, I plant a tree with my reforestation partner, One Tree Planted.


Metal Type: 100% Solid Pewter (98% Tin, 1.5% Bismuth, 0.5% Copper)
Cord Type: Organic Vegan Hemp


Pendant Length: 2”
Pendant Width: 1/4”
Pendant Depth: 1/4"
Adjustable Cord Length: 14"-26"


This item leaves my workshop within 1-2 business days after you place your order. Then USPS estimates 2-5 business days to the US or 11-20 business days to Canada.

Gift Options

I treat each necklace like it's a gift; each one comes fully gift wrapped and is shipped in zero-waste packaging.

To include a gift note, please include a note with your order during checkout.

Care Instructions


Pewter is safe to wear in the shower, freshwater, and saltwater. Pewter’s chemical composition makes it resistant to corrosion, so salt will not negatively affect it.

Very little care is required to keep pewter's original finish. It can be up to a year before you need to clean it. To ensure it lasts a lifetime, follow these cleaning tips:

.: Dampen a cloth or cotton swab with water
.: Apply a small amount of gentle soap to the cloth or swab
.: Work the two together until you see suds begin to form
.: Rub the cloth or swab carefully over the dirty part of the pewter until you are happy with your item
.: Pewter is a soft metal, so avoid cleaning it with anything abrasive as this may dull its features over time

Hemp Cord

You can shower with your necklace on to soften the hemp cord or clean it. If you prefer to spot cean it, follow the tips below:

.: Make a mixture of warm water and dish soap
.: Dip your fingers into the mixture
.: Roll the cord between your thumb and index finger until you have cleaned the affected area
.: Rinse the cord with clean water and lay it on a towel to dry for a couple of hours.

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Plants 1 Tree

For every product you purchase, I plant a tree with my reforestation partner, One Tree Planted.

Customer Reviews

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I got this for my husband, and he loves it. It's crafted well.


Love the necklace. Very well made and I've gotten several compliments. My only request would be to possibly offer different materials for the cord. Leather is great, but a little scratchy for some and not the greatest for someone who sweats a lot. All in all, very high quality and would highly recommend.


thank you


fast shipping

Michael Lewis Mulcahy

Arrived as shown and incredibly well made. Will be buying more in the future.