Illustrated Portrait of Ashley

Valhalla Works began as an idea for a pie shop in 2017. During preparation for the norse themed restaurant, I found that I preferred more creative work that allowed me to continue my travels. After much research and development, Valhalla Works was officially established in 2018 as the shop it is today, offering home decor goods and handmade jewelry inspired by my travels to Iceland, Norway, & Denmark.

Combining my formal design education with my 15+ years of sales and service experience, my goal with Valhalla Works is to offer unique pagan designs on products that norse enthusiasts can enjoy for years.

When I'm not creating at my workshop in Maryland USA, I'm out traveling, hiking, meeting new people, and learning about their cultures. At home, you'll find me tending to my house plants, baking, and regularly smothering grumpy cats with affection. 

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