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      • Handmade: We spend hours pouring, sawing, shaping, sanding, polishing, and sealing each piece by hand.
      • One of a Kind: Our wood and resin creations are one-of-a-kind, just like you!
      • Hypoallergenic: Using methods that remove metal clasps and chains from the mix has completely solved the issue of skin irritation for those with metal allergies and sensitivities. You also never have to worry about your jewelry "turning" or becoming tarnished.
      • Ultra Lightweight: Most people are surprised when they first hold one of our pieces because they are much lighter than they appear. This results in a barely-there feel while wearing our necklaces. 
      • Adjustable Length: Designed for both men and women, our necklaces will easily fit over any head. Each necklace adjusts approximately from 14 to 26 inches. We learned early on that everyone desires a different length necklace, so now you can adjust all the way from choker length to a longer, more boho look. 
      • Unisex: Our necklaces are loved by both men and women. The adjustable length allows you to find the perfect fit, no matter your stature or build.
      • Genuine Leather Cord: We firmly believe that there is nothing lighter, smoother, or better-looking than genuine leather cord when it comes to necklace chain options. 
      • Upcycled & Salvaged: We have a passion for the environment, both at home and abroad. We find the wood for our pendants at second-use material stores, junkyards, and even "rescue" pieces from woodworking shops around town before they use it as bonfire material. We love turning pieces that others may see as damaged or flawed into something beautiful. Many of our current necklaces were made from old wood flooring and fence posts.

      Tech Specs

      Pendant Length: 2 1/8”
      Pendant Width: 3/4”
      Pendant Depth: 3/8”
      Adjustable Cord Length: 14"-26"
      Wood Type: Olive
      Wood Source: Live edge slab from an out-of-business Olive Orchard

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 17 reviews

      I have ordered several items from Valhalla Works. I I have never been disappointed. The quality of their work is amazing!
      Well worth the price.
      Always arrives within a few days!
      I love that their packaging is earth friendly and recyclable!
      Another beautiful piece!


      Purchased this necklace for my husband!
      He couldn’t be happier!
      The colors are absolutely beautiful!
      Well made!
      Thank you for going that extra mile in safely boxing it up!
      Arrived quickly!
      Great service!

      really great!

      very fast shipping. beautiful necklace, light and easy to wear. even came with a surprise! they are clearly a quality company. definitely recommend.

      It's beautiful!!!

      I absolutely adore this necklace. It is beautiful and goes with casual or dressy outfits. I definitely want to get more because it adds a little bit of extra unique flair :)

      Fast Service!

      I ordered my beautiful necklace lunch time one day, and had before lunch the next. It is very beautiful. Thank you!


      What our customers are saying

      43 reviews
      My latest purchase

      Everything I've received from Valhalla Works has been "top drawer". That said, my latest purchase has been equal in quality and appearance to all the other pieces. Seems though that I did miss the Birthday Pendant Necklace. Very unique but it was sold out. Could you consider bringing it back?

      my son loves this

      stocking present for Christmas. the tie that closed the package had a seed enclosed inside a leaf! how awesome is that. I would recommend buying from this company.


      These earrings are very elegant. I just got my hair cut short and can't wait to show them off. The photos are spot on with the product. They will be great for everyday or to dress up.

      This is an amazing piece!

      The craftsmanship is outstanding and the weight is perfect! Thank you so very much! The packaging was exceptional as well!

      Love this!

      I ordered a beautiful turtle necklace from Valhalla Works for my son for his birthday. It was delivered on time and is wonderful quality. I was also impressed by the thoughtful, eco-friendly packaging and the tag with seeds that my son immediately planted. Such a delightful experience!